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IRD and CNR-IBIMET research activities in Senegal

Presentation of LMI PATEO initiative and PAPSEN Project
Quando 26/03/2015
dalle 10:00 alle 12:15
Dove Firenze
Partecipanti Marie-Christine Cormier-Salem - Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD)
Vieri Tarchiani - IBIMET
Maurizio Bacci - IBIMET
Irene Seppoloni- IBIMET
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Laboratoire Mixte International «Patrimoines et Territoires de l’eau» (LMI-PATEO) is a common platform for research and teaching on the governance of three West African sub-region transboundary deltas (Senegal river, Saloum-Niumi and Casamance-Geba) co-directed by the laboratory "Dynamiques territoriales et développement" of Gaston Berger University and the Joint Research Unit " Patrimoines Locaux et Gouvernance" (PALOC) of the Research Institute for Development (IRD). Its main objectives are to contribute to the understanding of the values of biodiversity and the identification of goods and services, to create a database of reliable geographical updated and standardized information across deltas and support any type of local sustainable development initiative through innovative actions (localized production, eco-museums).

The Support Programme to the National Agricultural Investment Plan (PAPSEN) is the most important result of the collaboration between the Ministry of Agriculture and the Rural Equipment, the Italian Cooperation and the Israeli Cooperation. The Programme contributes to the development of the horticultural sector in the Regions of Thies, Diourbel and Fatick and to the rural development in the Regions of Sédhiou and Kolda. The overall objective is to increase food security and the promotion of local development through innovative and sustainable agricultural systems.