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Climate change and vegetation

The study and the understanding of the impact of climate change on agro-ecosystems need both mathematical modeling and simulation and specific field experiments.

IBIMET has been involved for many years in the study of the impacts, mitigation and adaptations of agro-ecosystems to Climate Change, boasting impressive skills and innovative equipment. Since 2007, the Institute has been engaged in a series of field experiments dedicated to the study of the effects of biochar on agricultural productions, in particular, on wheat, rice and lives. Because of that IBIMET has achieved a national leadership on this issue, participating regularly at many international scientific conferences on this topic. The recent preliminary experiences have allowed IBIMET to be the coordinator of a project on biochar called Eurocar (FP7-ENV-2010 Project ID 265179), within the EU 7 th Framework Programme.

The “biochar option” for the agriculture is known. The scientific evidences about the role of the biochar are relevant: soil ammendant, priming of the agriculture productions, reduced fertilizer requirement and leaching of nutrients, stored carbon in a long term stable sink.