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Raschi Antonio

Direttore Raschi

Antonio Raschi, born in Florence, Italy, in 1955.

Agronomist, has been working as a researcher for CNR since 1982.

In 1985 and 1989 he worked as a visiting scientist at the Institute of Ecology of Edinburgh University.

His main scientific interests have been related to plant ecophysiology, global change, and more recently to rural development and to science dissemination.

Since 2009 he is Director of the Institute of Biometeorology of the National Research Council (CNR-IBIMET).

He has taken part in several European Projects and he has been National Delegate in five COST Projects.

He is author or co-author of more than 100 refereed papers.


Recently published papers

  • Ugolini, F., Tognetti, R., Bussotti, F., Raschi, A., Ennos, A.R. (2014) Wood hydraulic and mechanical properties induced by low water availability on two ornamental species Photinia x fraseri var. Red Robin and Viburnum opulus L. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, 13, 158-165.
  • Haworth, M., Raschi, A. (2014) an assessment of the use of epidermal micro-morphological features to estimate leaf economics of Late Triassic-Early Jurassic fossil Ginkgoales. Review of Palaeobotany and Palinology, 205, 1-8.
  • Chiesi, M., Rapi, B.,  Battista, P.,  Fibbi, L.,  Gozzini, B., Magno, R., Raschi, A., Maselli, F. (2013) Combination of ground and satellite data for the operational estimation of daily evapotranspiration European Journal of Remote Sensing, 46, 675-688. Ugolini F., Bacci L., Tognetti R., Raschi A. (2013) Quercus ilex L. as bioaccumulator for heavy metals in urban areas: effectiveness of tree distance from traffic and of leaf washing for analysis. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, 12, 4, 576-584.
  • Ugolini, F., Massetti, L., Tagliaferri, G., Lanini, G.M., Screti, C., Raschi, A. (2012) introducing climate change topics in science teaching through the 5e model of ibl: teachers perspectives. In: Chova, L.G., Martinez, A.L., Torres, I.C. (Eds.)  5th international conference of education, research and innovation (ICERI 2012), pp. 2772-2777.
  • Predieri S., Gatti E., Magli M., Bertazza G., Drago S., Raschi A. (2012). Traditional Chestnut Cultivar Quality Assessment as a Tool for Food-Tourism Development in Tuscany Apennine Mountain Area  Journal of Food Science and Engineering, 2, 3, 157-162.
  • Figueiredo, E., Raschi, A. (2012) Immersed in green? Reconfiguring the italian countryside through rural tourism promotional materials (In: Hyde, K.F., Ryan, C., Woodside, A.G. (Eds.) Field guide to case study research in tourism, hospitality and leisure). Advances in Culture Tourism and Hospitality Research, 6, 17-44.
  • Ugolini, F, Bussotti, F, Lanini, GM , Raschi, A, Tani, C, Tognetti, R (2012)  Leaf gas exchanges and photosystem efficiency of the holm oak in urban green areas of Florence, Italy Urban Forestry & Urban Greening,  11, 3, 313-319


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