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Mazza Alessandro

Researcher at the Institute of Biometeorology of CNR.
E-Mail: mazza@lamma.rete.toscana.it
Tel +39 0554483039
Fax +39 055444083

Born in Florence, February 27, 1966.
•    Graduated in Physics at the Florence University in 1993. Title of thesis: "Experimental characterization of pretransitional effects using time resolved optical spectroscopy."
•    PhD in Physics, awarded by the University of Pisa, May 15, 1998, thesis title: "Statistical mechanics and dynamics in disordered crystals". The topic of the PhD thesis was to study the diffusive dynamics of a quantum particle in a disordered crystal. Part of the work was conducted at the University of North Texas (Denton, Texas, USA), where I was a guest in the period February 1, 1997 - May 1, 1997.
•    From October 5, 1998 to October 4, 2000 I received a scholarship at the Tuscany Region. In particular, I have dealt with the implementation and management of databases and for the system interface with web pages, respectively, made with the Informix DBMS and programming language DDW. At the same time I was involved in the monitoring of the pilot project for the implementation of Law 241/90 on the transparency of public offices.
•    From 6 October 2000 to 7 May 2001, I worked with the company DBA, where I dealt with the analysis, design and implementation of client / server applications. For the realization of these applications I have used the DBMS ISIS, the search engine WXIS, HTML and JavaScript.
•    From May 8, 2001 to 17 February 2009, I collaborated with the Consorzio LAMMA (formerly "Laboratory for Meteorology and Environmental Modelling"). The main activities are: Design and maintenance of corporate local area network of IBIMET CNR Institute of Sesto Fiorentino and electronic links with external stakeholders. Purchase, installation and maintenance of computer equipment (Personal Computer etc..) Realization of the preliminary draft of a Centre of the Earth for the reception of satellite data (Project IRMA). Realization of hyperspectral reflectance models applied to satellite remote sensing of biomes, made by developing appropriate algorithms (deterministic algorithms and neural networks), implemented using Fortran77 and C programming languages (HYPSEO Project).
•    From February 18, 2009 I am the owner of a permanent contract with the grade of "third-level researcher" at the Institute CNR IBIMET of Florence. (Head of Sesto Fiorentino - Via Madonna del Piano 10). Until December 31, 2011 I performed the duties described above. From January 1, 2012 I am responsible for the planning and execution of a procedure for rain estimation on the Mediterranean and African area.

•    Mathematical modeling, both analytical and numerical, of physical, biological and meteorological phenomena.
•    Excellent experience with programming languages Fortran 77 and C.
•    Experience using neural networks and genetic algorithms.
•    Excellent experience configuring and managing mixed LANs Windows-Linux.
•    Excellent experience in setting up and managing FTP server, DNS, DHCP implemented on Linux and Windows platforms.
•    Excellent configuration knowledge and management of Active Directory (Windows 2003 - Windows 2008).
•    Excellent knowledge of Linux operating system (RedHat, Fedora, CentOS).
•    Excellent knowledge of Windows operating systems (Vista, XP, 2000).
•    Good knowledge of Informix and PostgreSQL DBMS, the SQL language for querying databases, and DDW programming language for the interface between databases and html pages, pdf documents, word documents, excel documents etc..
•    Good knowledge of the DBMS ISIS, and the search engine WXIS.
•    Good knowledge of the main application programs under Windows (Office, Acrobat, etc..).
•    English: good read, written, spoken, refined through study tours in England and the USA.
•    French: good reading, writing, speaking.

•    A. Mazza, P. Grigolini, 'Master Equation, Anderson localization, and statistical mechanics', Phys. Lett A 238 (1998) 169-178.
•    A. Mazza, Grigolini P, 'Dichotomous fluctuatios in disordered one-dimensional lattices and logaritmic localization', submitted to Phys. Rev. E.
•    A. Mazza, ‘Analysis of the effects of atmospheric turbulence on flight safety’ (Internal Report Foundation for Applied Meteorology for the company SMA).
•    A. Mazza, ‘Physical evolution of the microburst’. (Internal Report Foundation for Applied Meteorology  the company SMA).
•    A. Mazza, ‘Concluding remarks on the study of atmospheric turbulence and air traffic’. (Internal Report Foundation for Applied Meteorology for the company SMA).
•    A. Mazza, S. Montagnani, Report WP-5000 (Report by IRMA project)