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Bacci Laura

Firenze (Italy) 03-03-1959 - Firenze 11-05-2013
Education : Degree in Agricultural Sciences - University of Firenze (Italy) - 1985
From 1986 researcher at the Institute of Biometeorology - National Research Council - Firenze (Italy)

Research sectors:

- Agrometeorology of ornamental and horticultural crops

- Optimization of water resources by the development of models and decision support system for irrigation and fertigation management of field and protected ornamental and horticultural crops.

- Study of the potential exploitation of some multifunctional species (e.g.fiber nettle and dye plants) and  the realization of related processing chains.


  • Scientific responsible of IDRI (2003-2004) "Optimization of fertigation practices in floricultural and ornamental crops", supported by Tuscany Region,
  • Scientific responsible of ECOIDRIFLOR (2007-2009) "Eco-efficiency of fertigation management in floricultural and ornamental crops", supported by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture,
  • Scientific responsible of SWIFF - IT (2009-2011) "Wireless system for the control of main greenhouse practices in floricultural field", supported by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture
  • Scientific responsible of LAMMATEST (2005-2007)" The textile processing chain in Tuscany", supported by Tuscany Region;
  • Scientific responsible of NATURAL.TEX (2006)" Natural fibers in textile processing chain of Tuscany", supported by Tuscany Region
  • Scientific responsible of ICCOG (2008-2009)"Identification and characterization of some clones of nettle and Spanish broom for textile and phytotherapic fields ", supported by Tuscany Region.
  • Scientific co-responsible of PRIN 2009 (2010-2012)“Medicinal and dyeing-plants natural extracts : characterization, and innovative poly-use of nettle, daphne , lavender and chesnut tannins” supported by the Italian Ministry of Research.
  • Scientific responsible of GARANTES (2011-2013)“ Advanced management and remote control of green areas: new techniques for the sustainability” supported by Tuscany Region.
  • Scientific responsible of “The processing chain of sustainable textiles” (2011-2013) supported by Made in Italy Project of CNR.



Recent publications:

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