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Conese Claudio

Claudio Conese
- Research Leader in Institute of Biometeorology - National Research Council (CNR) of Italy.
- Responsible of Research Branch “Natural Resources Management by Innovative Technologies”

E-Mail: c.conese@ibimet.cnr.it

Tel. +39 055 5226025

Fax. +39 05505226026

•    Date and place of birth 1951, 17th  April – Florence Italy.
•    Degree in Electronics Engineering –University of Florence, 1980.

•    Working curriculum:  
•    Researcher in the Institute of Environmental Analysis and Remote Sensing for Agriculture (IATA) of CNR,  Florence, 1984-1995.   
•    Director of Center for Computer Science in Agriculture (Ce.S.I.A.) of the 'Accademia dei Georgofili, Florence,  since 1994.
•    Research Leader in the Institute of Biometeorology (IBIMET) of CNR, Florence, since 1995.
•    Ordinary Member of  Accademia dei Georgofili since 1995.
•    Responsible of several National and International Research Projects on natural resources management ad territory conservation and safeguard, both in Europe and Developing Countries.
•    F.A.O. Consultant for the evaluation of environmental recovery projects in Africa.
•    Teacher in degree and post-degree specializing courses on informatics and territory management by computer techniques.
•    Scientific Responsible of Institute underwater research activities.
•    Responsible of Institute computer network .
•    Referee of international scientific journals.
•    Member of Scientific Councils of CNR Institutes and International Congresses.

•    Author  or  co-author of more than 170  scientific papers.

Selected Papers:

- C.Conese, B.Rapi, F.Del Gaia, L.Bonora, P.Meazzini  
Invaso di Montedoglio: Studio di fattibilità per la valutazione di impatto ambientale (vol. 2)  Atti della Comunità Valtiberina Toscana ottobre 2002

- M. Tang, G.C. Deane, D.J. Briggs, C. Conese, M. Benvenuti, M. Petrakis.
Mapping night-time light emissions in the E.U.using satellite observed visibile-near- infrared emissions as a policy tool: the MANTLE Project.
Proceedings of the 22nd Sympisium of the European Association of remote sensing Laboratories, Prague, Czech Republic, 4-6- June 2002.
Geoinformation for European-wide Integration, Ed. Tomas Benes, Millpress Rotterdam 2003, pp. 315-321.

- C. Conese, L. Bonora, M. Romani, E. Checcacci.
Forest fire hazard model definition for local End User (Tuscany Region)  
Atti del IV° Congrès International  Environnement et Identité en Mediterranée , Sez. 1-Workshop Feux de foret, 1.4 Management, 19-25 luglio, 2004 Corte (France).    

- C.Conese, L.Bonora, M.Romani, E.Checcacci, E.Tesi.
Forest fire hazard model definition for local land user (Tuscany Region)
Geophysical Research Abstracts, vol. 7, 06804, 2005
SRf-ID: 1607-7962/gra/EGU05-A-06804
EGU Congress  Vienna 2005.

- C.Conese.
Nuove Metodologie per l’analisi territoriale in viticoltura
Lettura Accademia 7 luglio 2005
Atti dell’Accademia dei Georgofili, 2006.

- C.Conese, L. Bonora, M. Romani, E. Checcacci , E. Tesi, E. Marchi.
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Section 0.66 “Understanding linkages between climate and forest” IUFRO Conference Brisbane August  2005.
The International Forestry Review, vol. 7(5) ISSN 1465 5489 pub. By The Commonwealth Forestry Association, 2005.

- L. Bonora, R. Carlà, C. Conese.
Analisi delle Metodologie per l’individuazione di aree forestali bruciate
Progetto Telespazio: COS-OT - Attività: WPs 1030 – TELE_OR2 final report -Novembre 2005.

- C. Conese.
Introduzione al telerilevamento
Il telerilevamento per il monitoraggio ambientale – Cap. I°
Collana Tecnico-Scientifico IBIMET – Novembre 2005

- C.Conese,  E. Checcacci.
Burned forest mapping from satellite images
IEEE Catalog n° 06EX1329C ISBN 1-4244-0232-8
Congress ISEM 2006 - Corse, luglio 2006

- L. Bonora, E. Checcacci, M. Romani, E. Tesi, C. Conese.
Correlation between meteorological data and fire occurrence in a Mediterranean     area (Tuscany Region)
Forest Ecology and Management – vol. 234s  – Elsevier – ISSN 0378-1127
Supplement of Forest Ecology and Management - 2006

- C.Conese, L. Bonora, M. Romani, E. Checcacci.  
Correlation between meteorological data and fire occurrence in a Mediterranean area
Atti del V° International Conference on Forest Fire
Coimbra, novembre 2006

- L. Bonora, R. Carlà, C. Conese.
Performance evaluation of the differential Normalized Burn Ratio (NBR) in     detecting small fire affected areas in Mediterranean Region.
6th International Workshop on Advamced in RS and GIS applications In Forest Fire Management - Towards an Operational Use of RS in Forest Fire Management, Thessaloniki September 2007

- L. Bonora, E. Marchi, N. Brachetti  Montorselli, M. Romani, E. Tesi, C. Conese.
Forest fire prevention: an integrate risk analysis to improve management and planning actions.
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- E. Marchi, E. Tesi,  N. Brachetti Montorselli C. Conese, L. Bonora, M. Romani.
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- M. Romani, B. Rapi, C. Conese, L. Bonora.
Integrated techniques for vineyard variability evaluation.  
Proceedings of Conference on International Workshop on Advances in Grapevine and Wine Research Venosa, Italy September 2005.
Book Series: ACTA HORTICULTURAE   Issue: 754   Pages: 379-384   Editor: Nuzzo V; Giorio P; Giulivo C, Published: 2007

- E. Tesi,  L. Bonora,  M. Romani, N. Brachetti Montorselli,  C. Conese.
Incidenza degli incendi nelle diverse tipologie forestali in toscana. ATTI del Terzo Congresso Nazionale di Selvicoltura per il miglioramento e la conservazione dei boschi italiani. 16-19 ottobre 2008 Taormina.
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- R. Carlà, L. Santurri, L. Bonora, C. Conese –  Multitemporal burnt area detection methods based on a couple of images acquired after the fire event. Remote Sensing for Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Hydrology XI, Proc. of SPIE Vol. 7472, 74720C • © 2009 SPIE • CCC code: 0277-786X/09/$18 • doi: 0.1117 /12.832908 Scopus code:2-s2.0-70449389873