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Di Vecchia Andrea

Andrea Di Vecchia

Dirigente Tecnologo at the Biometeorology Institute (IBIMET)  of National Research Council (CNR)

E-Mail:  a.divecchia@ibimet.cnr.it

Tel. +39 0649937690

Fax. +39 0649937685

Cell. +393487823683

•    Born in Rome,  January 29, 1947.
•    Laurea  in Mechanical Engineering at the Rome University (1972)  and Master of Science at the New York University (1976).
•    Between 1982 and 1994 he has been in the technical bureau of the Italian  Development Cooperation in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as coordinator of the Sahel Initiative made by rural and agricultural development programs in the West Africa Countries and successively as coordinator of thematic policies and international agreements in the environmental sector
•    Since 1995 he joined in the Biometeorology Institute- Accademia dei Georgofili- Climate and Sustainability Foundation network with the assignment to extend activities toward Mediterranean and African countries.
•    In this contest he has directed the formulation and implementation of more than 20 projects and studies funded by national and international sources consolidating the institute  technical and scientific expertise and operational capacity. The initial focus on food security has been expanded to disaster prevention, climate change adaptation and rural and agricultural development.
•    Furthermore he has promoted the participation to training programs of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and, in cooperation the Italian Meteorological Service, has developed and directed the Regional Meteorological Training Centre addressing primarily developing countries issues
•    In 2010 he is nominated Dirigente Tecnologo at the IBIMET Rome office where he also cooperated with CNR AgriFood Department (DAA) to involve  CNR more widely in developing countries issues
•    In the same years he is involved in the olive oil sector by assessing the CNR expertise in the area and publishing the  “Olio ed Olivo nel CNR” report and launching IBIMET research activities in the Lazio Region that have brought to the CISIA project “Olivicoltura di qualità e territorio”.
•    In the DAA he has become responsible for the participation of DAA to the World Food Days initiatives and organise every year a conference to promote the exchange between CNR researcher and international lecturers and the network of the CGIAR centres.
•    Author of more than 100 publications, he is corerspondant member of the Accademia dei Georgofili.
•    Presently he is the coordinator of the Program PA-PNIA in Senegal the first program of the CNR developed in collaboration with the Italian  Development Cooperation designed to become the most important Italian initiative in West Africa
Selected Publications:
1.    Bacci M., Genesio L., Di Vecchia A., Tarchiani V., Vignaroli P. (2010) Assessment and limits of the existent seasonal forecasts as support for the decision makers process in the Sahel. Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 12, EGU2010-1244. EGU General Assembly 2010.
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