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Genesio Lorenzo

Lorenzo Genesio

Senior Researcher at Institute for Biometeorology of CNR, Florence

Email l.genesio@ibimet.cnr.it
Tel. +39 0553033711
Fax. + 39 055 308910
Mobile +39 3204258488
ISI publications (researcher ID)

•    Born in Florence on February the 10th, 1971;
•    Degree in Agricultural Sciences at University of Florence 1995;
•    Since 1995 collaborates with IBIMET – CNR (formerly IATA CNR) in the framework of research and technology transfer programmes in developing countries;
•    Member of Italian Delegation at UNCCD Conference of the Parties (COP1 – COP4 – COP5 – COP6);
•    Principal Investigator of Lecceto flux measurement facility IT-Lec;
•    Since 2009 is Senior Researcher at IBIMET CNR;
•    Since 2011 is research associate at FoxLab a joint CNR e FEM (Fondazione Edmund Mach) research initiative.

Scientific interests and highlights
•    Biosphere-atmosphere interactions and carbon balance;
•    Agronomic research on biochar and feedbacks on the earth system;
•    Early warning systems for food security;
•    Remote-sensing and micrometeorological applications for precision agriculture and precision viticulture;
•    Ecophysiological studies on temperate and sub-tropical agro-ecosystems
•    Desertification sensitivity assessment

Teaching activities
•    Regional Meteorological Training Centre (RMTC) courses, jointly organized by IBIMET CNR ad WMO (2001-2002-2004)
•    Master: Pianificazione e gestione dei sistemi per l’energia da fonti rinnovabili, Università di Pisa (2006)
•    Master Global Change and Sustainability, Alta Scuola Politecnica (Polimi e Polito) (2009-2010-2012)

Review activity
•    Nature Climate Change
•    Climate Research
•    Governmental review of Summary for Policy Makers (SPM) of Fourth Assessment Report IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) for Working Group I (Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis) and for Working Group II (Climate Change 2007: Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability).

Participation to research projects
•    Eurochar FP7, responsible of WP7.2 (2010 – ongoing);
•    Twinning Serbia EU, A new viticultural zoning for Serbia (2011 – ongoing) consultant for climatic zoning;
•    Consorzio Tuscania, Responsible of IBIMET activities, coordinator of WP A2 (2006-2010);
•    AMMA EU FP6, WP 5.2 leader, member of governing board (2005-2009);
•    Kyoto Observatory for Tuscany region (2004-2011), project co-ordinator;
•    Desertnet Interreg EU MEDOCC, Coordinator of activities for Tuscany Region;
•    Mediterranean Training Programme for the harmonization of Early Warning Systems and operational instruments for Monitoring Climate Change and Desertification (MTP) /IBIMET CNR and UNCCD Secretariat);
•    DISMED UNCCD (2001-2003), Desertification information System for the Mediterranean, project manager;
•    PAFAGE (2001-2004) “Projet d’Appui à la Formation et d’Assistance en Gestion de l’Environnement ” (Italian Cooperation – Ministry of Environment of Niger): Consultant
•    Early Warning and Crop Yields Forecasting Project” (Ap3A) (WMO — SHL/FIT/ITA/Ph2). 1998-2002. Consultant for World Meteorological Organization (WMO).
•    PATAM Project: Technical Assistance to the National Meteorological Service of Morocco (European Union). Consultant for the training in GIS;
•    Natural Resources Management Project (PGRN) World Bank (1999), consultant for the management of geographic data bases and the implementation of production chains for thematic mapping and base cartography;
•    “Program of Rural Development in the Ader-Doutchi-Maggia” PDRADM/FAO, Keita, Niger, 1998-2000: Consultant for the conceptual design and implementation of an Environmental Information System.
•    P.E.I.C.R.E. Project (Projet d’Evaluation de Interventions de Conservation et Récupération de l'Environnement), Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs 1995-1998: GIS Consultant

Selected publications

1.    2012 I. Ross, L. Misson, S. Rambal, A. Arneth, R. L. Scott, A. Carrara, A. Cescatti, and L. Genesio 2012 How do variations in the temporal distribution of rainfall events affect ecosystem fluxes in seasonally water-limited Northern Hemisphere shrublands and forests? Biogeosciences, 9, 1007-1024, 2012 doi:10.5194/bg-9-1007-2012.

2.    2012 Genesio L., Miglietta F., Lugato E., Baronti S., Pieri M., Vaccari F.P. 2012. Surface albedo following biochar application in durum wheat. Environmental Research Letter. vol. 7, ISSN: 1748-9326, doi:10.1088/1748-9326/7/1/014025.

3.    2012 Vaccari F.P., Lugato E.,  Gioli B., D’Acqui L., Genesio L., Toscano P., Matese A., Miglietta F. 2012. Land use change and soil organic carbon dynamics in Mediterranean agro-ecosystems: the case study of Pianosa Island. Geoderma 175–176 (2012) 29–36 doi:10.1016/j.geoderma.2012.01.021.

4.    2012 Primicerio J, Di Gennaro SF, Fiorillo E, Genesio L, Lugato E, Matese A, Vaccari FP (2012) A Flexible Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Precision Agriculture. Precision Agriculture, DOI 10.1007/s11119-012-9257-6.

5.    2012 Fiorillo E., Crisci A., De Filippis T.,  Di Gennaro S.F.,  Di Blasi S., Matese A., Primicerio J., Vaccari F.P., Genesio L. (2012) Airborne high-resolution images for grape classification: changes in correlation between technological and late maturity in a Sangiovese vineyard in Central Italy. Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research. Vol. 18-1, pp. 80-90. doi: 10.1111/j.1755-0238.2011.00174.x

6.    2011 Vaccari F.P., Baronti S., Lugato E., Genesio L., Castaldi S., Miglietta F. (2011). Biochar as a strategy to sequester carbon and increase yield in durum wheat. European Journal of Agronomy, 2011 Vol. 34 -4, pp. 231-238, doi 10.1016/j.eja.2011.01.006.

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11.    2011 Fiorillo E., De Filippis T., Di Gennaro F., Matese A., Vaccari F.P., Carnevali P., Pedò S., Di Blasi S., Genesio L., 2011. Comparison of three different methods on NDVI acquisition for vineyard canopy monitoring and their suitability for grape quality classification. 17th International Symposium Group of International Experts of Vitivinicultural Systems for CoOperation (GiESCO), Settembre, 2011 Asti, Italia.

12.    2011 Matese A., Di Gennaro F., Genesio L., Vaccari F.P., Fiorillo E., Primicerio J., 2011. Evaluation of micro-climatic dynamic in vineyard and effects on grape qulity, taking into account different canopy management conditions (leaf removal and bud load), over 4 different geographical location. Poster presentato al 17th International Symposium Group of International Experts of Vitivinicultural Systems for CoOperation (GiESCO), Settembre, 2011 Asti, Italia

13.    2011 Fornasier F., Genesio L., Vaccari F.P., Baronti S., Lugato E., Miglietta F., 2001. Biochemical activity increased  after addition of biochar to an acid soil. Poster presentato alla 33° UK Biochar Conference –Edinburgh, May 25-26 2011

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