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Maienza Anita

Born in Como 08/10/1981
work address:  via G. Caproni 8, 50145  Florence . tel +390553033741  mail: a.maienza@ibimet.cnr.it
skype: anitamaienza
Scientific Interests: Effect of temperature, pollution and  agronomic practices on quality on plants and soils.
Current post: Junior researcher  CNR- Ibimet - Florence, Italy.  
September 10th 2012: Professional qualification. Certification to practice as a biologist.
April 27th  2012: PhD in Forestry Ecology-Supervisor: Dr. Maria Teresa Dell’Abate (CRA-RPS) Tuscia University, Viterbo, Italy.
February 22th 2008: Master Degree: Biology-Environmental Biology. Supervisor: Prof. B. M. Petronio (Environmental Chemistry), University of Rome “La Sapienza” Roma, Italy.


February-May 2011: Lund University, Ecology Building, Sweden. Effect of temperature increase on microbial ecology (bacterial and fungal growth, PLFA) with Prof. Erland Bååth .
2009-2011: Agriculture Research Council, Center for the Soil-Plant System (CRA-RPS) Rome, Italy. Soil biology and biochemistry with  Dr. A. Benedetti ‘s research group.
May-September 2008: University of Baja California- Department of Marine Science, Ensenada, Mexico Molecular Ecology (DNA extraction, quantitative PCR, microsatellites) with Dr. S. Sanvito (ESRG).

2012      DAAD (German Institute for cultural exchange)
2010 Italian Soil Science Society (SISS), Travel fellowship for young researcher

International Journal
2013 A. Florio, A. Maienza, M.T. Dell’Abate, S. Grego, A. Benedetti. Effects of a liquid formulation of nitrification inhibitor 3,4 dimethylpyrazole phosphate (DMPP) on soil nitrogen and carbon mineralization under laboratory conditions (In preparation).
2013.  A. Maienza, E.Bååth,  S. R. Stazi, A. Benedetti, S. Grego,M. T. Dell'Abate.  Microbial dynamics after adding bovine manure effluent together with a nitrification inhibitor (3,4 DMPP) in a microcosm experiment (Submitted ).
2013.  A. Maienza, G.Mughini, L. Salvati, A. Benedetti, M. T. Dell'Abate.  Assessing the influence of summer organic fertilization combined with nitrogen inhibitor on a Short Rotation Woody Crop in Mediterranean environment (Submitted).
2012. B.M Petronio, N. Cardellicchio, N. Calace, M. Pietroletti, M. Pietrantonio, L. Caliandro, A. Maienza. Spatial and Temporal Heavy Metal Concentration (Cu, Pb, Zn, Hg, Fe, Mn, Ni) in Sediments of the Mar Piccolo in Taranto (Ionian Sea, Italy), Water Air and Soil Pollution 223: 863-875 .
2010. F.  Antonucci, P.  Menesatti, N.M. Holden, E. Canali, S. Giorgi, A. Maienza, S.R. Stazi. Hyperspectral VIS and NIR determination of copper concentration in agricultural polluted soils. Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis, 43, 1401-1411. (DOI: 10.1080/00103624.2012.670348).

Chapter International Scientific Book
2013.  A, Maienza,  R Sanampudi Venkata., S. Grego,  A, Mazzucato, S.R. Stazi. Fatty acid unsaturation, in the response of cultivars to stress”. Review on Cultivars: Chemical Properties, Antioxidant Activities and Health Benefits: a book. ISBN: 978-1-62417-101-7.
2011.  A.Maienza, S. R. Stazi, A. Benedetti, S. Grego, M.T. Dell'Abate. Different fertilization mode and its effect in a soil of short rotation forestry: preliminary study for sustainable use in environment mediterranean. WQA – Environmental Quality, Nitrogen nutrition in the agrarian and forest system,(2011) 6, 115-127. ISSN 2039-9898.
International Proceedings
2013.  A. Florio, A. Maienza, M.T. Dell’Abate, G. Mughini, A. Benedetti. Control of nitrification of organic fertilizer in soil by 3,4-Dimethylpyrazole phosphate (DMPP). NEV2013 Workshop on ‘Nitrogen, Environment and Vegetables’ . April 2013.
2013. A. Maienza & E. Bååth “Temperature effects on transition time of bacterial growth after rewetting of dry soil” LUCCI Project meeting, Microbial Ecology, Dept. Biology, Lund University, Lund, Sweden.
2012.  A. Maienza, E. Bååth, S. R.Stazi, A. Benedetti, S. Grego, M. T. Dell'Abate. Influence of organic fertilization with nitrification inhibitor (3,4 DMPP), on soil biological parameters and microbial dynamics in closed microcosm experimental system. The International Congress EUROSOIL 2012-Bari, 2-6 July .
2010.  F. Antonucci, P. Menesatti, E. Canali, S. Giorgi, A. Maienza, S.R. Stazi Hyperspectral imaging characterization of agricultural topsoil copper concentration. CIGR-ImageAnalysis . Budapest, Hungary 26-27 August .

National Proceedings
2012. Lagomarsino A., de Dato G., De Angelis P., Maienza A., Stazi S.R. Risposta del sistema radici-suolo all’impianto di specie arbustive in ambiente mediterraneo. SISS Ravenna-Pineta di San Vitale-Imola 7-9 Giugno.
2010.  A. Maienza, S.R.Stazi, S. Grego, A. Benedetti, M.T. Dell’Abate. . Priming effect in un suolo sottoposto a short rotation forestry con differenti trattamenti di fertilizzazione azotata: studi preliminari per una gestione sostenibile in ambiente Mediterraneo. Meeting of Soil Italian Society, oral presentation Bologna, Italy.
2010. S.R. Stazi, A. Maienza, Giovanbattista de Dato, Paolo De Angelis, A. Lagomarsino. Ottimizzazione di un metodo di analisi per lo studio della struttura della comunita’ microbica di un suolo in ambiente mediterraneo. XXVIII Convegno Nazionale Società Italiana Chimica Agraria, 20-21 settembre 2010, Piacenza, Italy.
R, Sanampudi Venkata, A.Maienza, A, Mazzucato,M.E, Picarella, S.R., Stazi. Cambiamenti negli acidi grassi dei fosfolipidi di membrana nelle foglie di piante di pomodoro (Solanum Lycopersicum l.) con alterata espressione del gene omega-3 desaturasi. XXVIII Convegno Nazionale Società Italiana Chimica Agraria, 20-21 settembre 2010, Piacenza, Italy.
A. Maienza, M.T. Dell’Abate, S. Grego, A. Benedetti, S.R.Stazi.. Gli acidi grassi come bio-indicatori ambientali: effetto della fertilizzazione sulla struttura della comunità microbica del suolo. XXVIII Convegno Nazionale Società Italiana Chimica Agraria, 20-21 settembre 2010, Piacenza, Italy.