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Mari Riccardo

Name:             Riccardo Mari
Address:         Via di Cantagallo, 161/3, 59100, Prato (PO), Italy
Work phone:         (+39) 0554483029
Mobile:         (+39) 3333180590
E-Mail:         mari@lamma.rete.toscana.it
Nationality:        Italian
Date of birth:        06/03/1976

Occupational field:

Expert in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Thematic Cartography and Remote Sensing.
WebGIS application development, Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI).

Professional Experience:

Implementation of the "LaMMA Geoportal" (Datawarehouse) as Spatial Data Infrastructure (geoSDI) for the distribution, display and cataloging (data and related meta-information) of geospatial products managed by the Consortium in the many applications in meteorological and environment, in accordance with the standards of the OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) specifications of the INSPIRE Directive of the European Parliament and adopting fully OpenSource technology (Geoserver, Mapserver, opensource GeoNetwork-, PostgreSQL-PostGIS, Openlayers, GeoExt).

Implementation of GeoNetwork open source for searching Metadata (Geology, GIS, Weather). We were implemented all the automatic procedures to archiving and creation of a large number of meta-information, according to the specifications of the INSPIRE Directive and the guidance on the National Directory of Geographic Data DigitPA.

Development of GIS applications with particular reference to the development of methodologies for the production of detailed soil map of Tuscany within the project aimed at creating soil maps of the Tuscany Region.

Implementation of a WebMapping application aimed to determine air quality. These aspects relate to specific climatological indicators (wind fields, atmospheric stability classes, etc..), spatial representations of the load emissivity iso-concentration obtained from simulations of the main pollutants modeling (WRF-CALMET-CALGRID), timely information related to measurements made on the territory of the regional network of atmospheric monitoring, etc.

Implementation of a WebMapping application for the service "Permanent monitoring network for regional sustainable development" funded with DGRT 1126 of 23/03/2011.

Implementation of a WebMapping application for the service "Forest Fires Bulletin Risk" developed for the DG Economic Development Forestry Sector Planning Organization Regional forest fire of the Tuscany Region.

Implementation of a WebMapping application for the service "WIND-GIS Project for the construction of a web service for the evaluation of wind power in the region of Tuscany."
Implementation of the new geological database and its integration with the GIS database (Geographic Information System) of the Tuscany Region.

Implementation of a WebMapping application for thematic maps (geology, soil, etc ...) using Web-GIS OPEN-SOURCE framework such as p.mapper, the UMN MapServer and PHP / MapScript.

Participation in the Working Group of the Geological Database, appointed by the Scientific Geological Committee of the Toscany Region. Creation, using MS Visio 2002, the conceptual schema of the New Geological Database of Tuscany Region. Creating the physical schema platform ESRI Personal Geodatabase, Feature Dataset creation, Features Classes, relationship classes and alphanumeric tables. Setting of topological constraints.

Technical assistance activities, training, and implementation of the GIS Web Portal of the Municipality of Lucca.

ESRI ArcGIS Desktop interface customization by programming VBA / ArcObjects. Creating masks for entering, editing and deleting contact information, VTA (Visual Tree Assessment) made for the trees inside the park Pratolino (FI).

Digitizing of the "Probable Avalanche Location Cards (CLPV)" and collaboration in the implementation of its GIS. Customization ArcMap interface for connection to access database management avalanches with VBA / ArcObjects

Education and training:

●    Course "Geodatabase Design Concepts", ESRI Certificate Italy - Territorial Intelligence.
●    Course "Introduction to ArcGIS Server," Certificate ESRI Italy - Territorial Intelligence.
●    Online Course Javascript, issued by MRWCorsi - ICT professional courses, Busto Arsizio (VA).
●    E-learning Course in Python, issued by Webmasterpoint.org - corsiwmp.org
●    "Technical Meeting Geopedology" at the Center for Geotechnology, University of Siena.
●    Course on "Design and development of GIS software applications. Software engineering, OO and component models, syntax and programming constructs in VBA / ArcObjects for ArcGIS 8.x / 9 "at Monte Porzio Culture Association (PU).
●    Course in "Thematic Cartography and Geographic Information Systems - GIS" at the CGT - Geotechnologies Center of the University of Siena. The module provides the certification of "expert in Geographic Information Systems", university certificate issued by the University of Siena and the Tuscany Region.
●    Degree in Forestry and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture of Florence, Vot.105/110
●    Subject of thesis: Growing from wood, thesis title: "Effects of intercropping with nitrogen-fixing species in plants Juglans regia L ..Relations between plant growth and nitrogen availability "Prof. Andrea Tani.

Technical skills:

●    Operating systems: Windows, Unix.
●    Software: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint), Microsoft Visio 2003.
●    ESRI software products suites: Many years of experience in using ArcView 3.2, ArcGIS Desktop 9.x and 10.x with the extensions Spatial Analyst and 3D Analyst, ArcInfo Workstation (AML).
●    Open Source GIS software: GRASS-6.3.0, QuantumGIS, gvSIG, GeoNetwork OpenSource Geoserver.
●    Database: MS Access, PostgreSQL (with PostGIS spatial extension), Oracle 10g, Spatial;
●    WebGIS: web application development tools with open source GIS (MapServer, pmapper, KaMap, OpenLayers library, GeoExt).
●    Programming: AML (ARC Macro Language), Visual Basic, VBA / ArcObjects, SQL, Javascript, PHP, Python.
●    Processes of formation and control of spatial databases.
●    Installation and management of applications for publishing and sharing of data with spatial content according to the OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium).
●    Installation and management of applications for the publication of the meta information associated with spatial data.
●    Knowledge of standard data models according to the Open Geospatial Consortium (WMS, WFS, WCS).
●    Programming ArcObjects with VBA.
●    Designing geographic databases
●    Qualitative analysis (photo-interpretation) and quantitative (digital processing, classification techniques assisted and non-assisted) of remote sensing images.
●    Spatial analysis techniques (Geostatistics).

Seminars and workshops:

29 maggio 2010
Terra Futura 2010 – Sala Generale Stand Regione Toscana – Fortezza da Basso (FI).
VIGNOZZI G., Regione Toscana, MARI R., Consorzio LAMMA, BONORA L.,  Cesia, PACINI G., Regione Toscana, BOTTAI L., Consorzio LAMMA
“Il servizio meteo regionale per il rischio incendi boschivi: prospettive e sviluppi” a cura di Consorzio LAMMA

13 novembre 2008
Festa della Geografia! 2008 Anno del Pianeta Terra - Fortezza da Basso (FI)
MARI R., Consorzio LAMMA, GARDIN L., Forestale – NEVINI R., Geologo
“BD geologiche di base - Carta pedologica: Stato dell’arte e sue applicazioni in materia di politiche territoriali”

Articles in international journals - refereed:

Giugno 2010
Renewable Energy  - Copyright © 2010 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved ISSN: 0960-1481 Imprint: ELSEVIER
R. Mari, L. Bottai, C. Busillo, F. Calastrini, B. Gozzini, G. Gualtieri
A GIS-based interactive web decision support system for planning wind farms in Tuscany (Italy) - RENE-D-10-00534 – DOI 10.1016 / j.renene 2010.07.005

Other articles – not refereed:

15-18 novembre 2011
Atti 15a Conferenza Nazionale ASITA. Reggia di Colorno
Mari Riccardo, Gardin Lorenzo, Nevini Roberto, Callegari Ivan, Perna Massimo, Manetti Francesco, Lavorini Guido, Nevini Iacopo, Arcidiaco Maria, Bianconi Nadia, Ortolano Fabrizio
Analisi morfometrica del DTM e definizione di unità di paesaggio finalizzate alla realizzazione delle tipologie di suolo e delle unità cartografiche del bacino del fiume Ombrone (Regione Toscana)

9-12 novembre 2010
Atti 14a Conferenza Nazionale ASITA. Brescia
Bottai L., T. De Filippis, R. Mari, L. Rocchi. 2010
Servizi WebGis per lo sviluppo sostenibile: la condivisione dell'informazione meteorologica ed ambientale in Toscana.

6-8 settembre 2010
85° Congresso Nazionale della Società Geologica Italiana – Pisa
Bianconi N., Bonciani F., Callegari I., Gardin L., Maggiore R., Mari R., Mercati F., Morini D., Moscardini R., Nevini J. & Nevini R.
Soil-landscape map of Arno River basin – a multidisciplinary approach

14-15 giugno 2007
La Geologia Applicata nell’anno Internazionale del Pianeta Terra. Venezia
Corongiu M., D'Amato Avanzi G., Fantozzi P.L., Graziosi B., Manetti F., Mari R., Moretti S., Pacini M., Romanelli S. & Zazzeri M. (2007)
Progettazione di una banca dati per la carta geologica della Toscana. Convegno di Giovani Ricercatori in Geologia Applicata

18-19 aprile 2007
Conferenza Italiana Utenti ESRI. Roma
Corongiu M., D’Amato G., Desideri M., Fantozzi P.L., Graziosi B., Manetti F., Mari R. Moretti S., Morini D., Nolledi G., Pacini M., Romanelli S. & Zazzeri M. (2007)
Progettazione di una Banca Dati per la Carta Geologica della Toscana.

20-28 agosto 2004
32nd International Geological Congress. Florence, Italy
Corongiu M., D'Amato Avanzi G., Desideri M., Fantozzi P.L., Graziosi B., Manetti F., Mari R., Moretti S., Morini D., Nolledi G., Pacini M. & Romanelli S.
A Geodatabase for the Geological Map Of Tuscany. Geographic Database design.

Convegno di presentazione del progetto RISELVITALIA, Milano
Tani A., Maltoni A., Mari R., Mariotti B.
Effetti della consociazione con specie azotofissatrici in impianti di Juglans regia L. Relazioni tra lo sviluppo delle piante e disponibilità di N.

Technical report:

16 dicembre 2008
Regione Toscana – Consorzio LAMMA
C. Busillo, F. Calastrini, B.Gozzini, G. Gualtieri, Mari R.
Rapporto tecnico finale: WIND-GIS. Progetto per la realizzazione di un servizio web per la valutazione del potenziale eolico della regione Toscana.