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Martelli Francesca

e-mail   f.martelli@ibimet.cnr.it
tel. +39/055/3033727
fax +39/055/378910
    Born in Florence, 17th January 1964
    Degree in Literature – University of Florence
    Except for an experience post degree in scholarship first and in the editorial sector after  (“G. Sansoni”),  my specific cv begins in 1989 with the following:
o    1989-2006 Mathematics Department – University of Florence (prof. A. Fasano):
-    Management  ex40% and FIRB projects
o    1996-2000 CoNISMa (National  InterUniversity  Consortium for Marine Science) Animal Ecology Lab -  Prof. G.  Chelazzi  -  EUROROCK project  (V Framework EU Programme)
o    2001 “Industrial Innovation Through Technology Transfer” (I2T3): external project management
o    University of Florence –  support, management and coordination of the following european projects:
•    2001-2004 Dept of Animal and Genetic Biology “Leo Pardi”
-  MEDCORE "From river catchment areas to the sea: a comparative and integrated approach to the ecology of Mediterranean coastal zones for sustainable management" EU, INCO-MED, 2002-2005 ICA3-CT2002-10003CEE (prof. F. Scapini)  -  CEE Network  Prof. S. Turillazzi
•    Dept of Arts
-     2005-2007  RUBIA  INCO ICA3-CT2002-10023 (Prof. E. Giusti)
-   2009-2010  “Musical Instrument Museums Online - MIMO”    E-CONTENT+ (Prof. G. Rossi Rognoni)

•    2009  Dept Constr. & Restoration:  “EUROMED – Mare Nostrum:  A heritage trail along the phoenician maritime routes and historic port-cities of the Mediterranean Sea”,  EACEA/EUROMED/HERITAGE (prof. C.A. Garzonio)

o    Faculty of Mathematical Physical and Natural Sciences
    2000-2005 Socrates Office Responsible
    2005-2007 Management  Modulo Professionalizzante ECOTECH e MacGEO   -  FSE funds
    2007-2008 Management Project Azione 1 Regione Toscana “Attività di stage, tirocinio ed esercitazioni studentesche” –  FSE funds
o    2008-2010 Collaboration Contract   International Relation Office - Polo Biomedico e Tecnologico

o    National Research Council – institute of Biometeorology:

•    3th May 2004 – 17th October 2010 activities of management, reports and coordination with scientific project responsibles. Preparation and organization of european programs and similar
•    18th October 2010 Research Contract III level: research activities related with Management and Support for National and International projects;   research activities related to the acquisition and planning of national and international projects, communication and dissemination of scientific issues related to national and international calls in meteorology, applied climatology  and environmental sustainability

Courses and seminar participation

Since 2007 participation in courses and seminars at national and international levels to be constantly updated for the specific field of work:

-    May-June 2009 :  “A task force  for the European Community”  - University of Florence
-    Info days  call VII Framework Programme
-    Info days  european projects  (SEE – Cultura – Interreg – Tempus  IV -Life+ - LLP)

-    Info days National and regional programmes  (EU  funds  FSE – FESR – FAS)

-    Info days for  Europe 2020 programme