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Massetti Luciano

Dr. Luciano Massetti, graduated in Electrical Engineering (1991), is an expert on database management system development as well as in data analysis. (ISI h-index = 2)
Present position: Technologist (first level) at the Institute of Biometeorology of the National Reserach Council, IBIMET-CNR
E-Mail:  l.massetti@ibimet.cnr.it

Tel. +39 0553033748

Fax. +39 055308910

  • Born in Arezzo, 4 March 1964.
  • From 1993 to 2003 coordinator of the Informatics Office of the Central Accounting Department of CNR that was in charge of the analysis and development of accounting and administrative software for all the CNR administrative units (more than 600 users over Italy).
  • Since 2003 has been working at IBIMET. He is involved in research activities, with other research institutions and Universities, on several fields of applied meteorology (phenology, urban climate, agrometeorology, climate impacts on human health). In particular, he got experience in database management system and simulation model development as well as data analysis.
  • Since 2005 is involved in research activities  about the impact of climate on human health in collaboration with the Experimental and Clinical Medicine Department of the University of Florence.
  • Since 2006 member of a team involved on the design  of environmental and scientific education activities on meteorology, phenology and carbon cycle based on inquiry based learning methodology .
  • Since 2006 is involved in research activities  about urban climate and its impact on human health and the environment in collaboration with the Ineterdepartmental Centre of Bioclimatology (CIBIC).
  • Since 2010, Editor of the thematic working group (TWG Human Health and Safety) for the development of data specification on environmental themes defined ini ANNEX II/III  of the European Directive 2007/2/EC (INSPIRE Directive), which established the Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe.
  • May 2011 – January 2012: GO GREEN project “Didattica e Comunicazione sull’Effetto Serra al Bossoleto – Rapolano Terme (SI)”. The aim of the project was to disseminate and promote Bossoleto mofette, that i san area of natural CO2 spring used for scientific and didactic purposes.
  • 2011-2013, member of the Project ACARISS “Increasing the knowledge on Environment and Risks of Pollution involving Schools with Experimental activities” funded by Tuscan Region PAR FAS linea di azione 1.1.a.3” (www.acariss.it).
  • April  2012- May 2013:  Project with primary and secondary schools of Borgovalsugana: “didactic activites on climate and meteorology in Valsugana (Trentino Orientale) in two projects: 2012 “A scientist at School”  and 2013 “not always an easy growth” on the effects of increased CO2 in plant growth and phenology.
  • November  2012- January 2013:  Participation to the Interreg Italia/Slovenia 2007-2013  CLIMAPARKS: analysis of meteorological time serie sto evaluate climatic trends and impact on the amphibian species in Parco Delta del Po.
  • from December 2012 ongoing: ICT expert in the INVOLEN project: “Intergenerational Learning for Nature Conservation Volunteers “ in the framework of  LLP programme of EU.
  • From  October  2013 on going:  CLEANSED project funded by LIFE+ programme: “Innovative integrated methodology for the use of decontaminated river sediments in plant nursing and road building”.
  • From May 2014 ongoing: Italian member of the  COST action: LoNNe Loss of Night Network.
  • From  October  2014 on going: ENVIMOBILE project funded by ERASMUS+ programme : “Integration of mobile learning into environmental education fostering local communities development



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