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Materassi Alessandro

Alessandro Materassi
Research Technical Assistant, IV professional level, at Institute for Biometeorology of Florence
Mail    a.materassi@ibimet.cnr.it
Tel    055310181
Fax    055310411

-    He is born in Florence on 4 February 1961
-    He was graduated in Industrial Electronics, at the Technical School Leonardo da Vinci in Florence, in 1979
-    He has collaborated with the Electronics section of the Astrophysical Observatory of Arcetri in research on microwave systems for remote sensing and meteorology instruments and on sensors and data acquisition systems for measuring environmental physical parameters.
-    In 1984 he get a permanent position at the CNR-IBIMET (ex IATA) as a Technical Assistant. From his engagement he has always been involved in the design and implementation of data acquisition and processing systems for agrometeorology
-    He was involved in drafting the project of agrometeorological network of Sardinia Region and he was member of test committee of the agrometeorological network of Molise Region.
-    He has taken part in several survey campaigns as expert in measurement instruments and data processing systems, particularly in programs ISCSCP, CNR RAISA and EEC MEDALUS.
-    He was involved in the organization of all editions of the Symposium “Il monitoraggio costiero mediterraneo, problematiche e tecniche di misura”
-    From 1 January 2010 up to present, he is the referee of A7 action “Meteorological physical data“of Life DEMETRA project (LIFE08 NAT/IT/000342). As part of this project he has taken part in design and implementation of a monitoring network of meteorological parameters and pollens dispersion, in particular developing the data acquisition software, and he is participating to the management of surveys and data processing.
-    He is granted the title of Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer (s/n 100-310-564) for the period March 2010 March 2012.
Since his engagement in the National Research Council he has published more than eighty works in National and International journals and he has participated in the design and development of instruments for environmental measurements (three of these were patented by CNR) including:
a rainfall-pH-meter, a rainfall energy meter, an ultrasonic instrument for non-destructive measurement of biomass, two climatic chambers for plant physiology, an Integrated System for Ignition Tests, and an underwater benthic chamber.
Training followed:
-    National Instruments: LabVIEW Base, Basic II LabVIEW, LabVIEW Advanced;
-    Linux base;
-    Use and programming of Campbell Scientific data loggers and Licor analyzers.
-    Courses in "Electronics for the environment: acquisition and processing of environmental data" at the Vocational School “Leonardo da Vinci”, Florence (school years 2000 2001 and 2002 2003).
-    Seminars on data “acquisition systems for physical environmental parameters” to the students of Forest Ecology, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Forestry, University of Florence and to the researchers and technicians of Institute for monitoring of agro-ecosystems, CNR, Sassari.
-    Realization of two educational agrometeorological stations.

Selected Publications
1.    ETMI - Strumento per la misura dell'evapotraspirazione
P. Battista, F. Benincasa, G. Fasano, A. Materassi
Atti del convegno: Monitorare l'ambiente agrario e forestale;
Porto Conte 4-6 Giugno 1991, 19 Dicembre 1991
2.    Design and construction of a microprocessor impactometer
P. Battista, F, Benincasa, P. Duce, A. Materassi
Proceedings of the conference Land use and soil degradation MEDALUS in Sardinia
Sassari 25 Maggio 1994
3.    A Rainfall-pH-meter and Dry Deposition Sampler
P.Duce, F. Benincasa, G. Fasano, A. Materassi
1995 IEEE Instrumentation/Measurement Tecnology Conference (IMTC /95)
Waltham, Massachusetts (USA), 26 Aprile 1995
4.    A Neural model to estimate daily global solar radiation using simple meteorology quantities
B. Arca, F. Benincasa, M. De Vincenzi, A. Materassi
7th ICCTA (International Congress for Computer Technology in Agriculture)
Computer Technology in Agricultural Management and Risk prevention Florence 15-18/11/98
5.    AMI: Automatically Modulated Irradiator
F. Benincasa, G. Fasano, D. Grifoni, A. Materassi, G. Zipoli
7th ICCTA (International Congress for Computer Technology in Agriculture)
Computer Technology in Agricultural Management and Risk prevention Florence 15 - 18/11/98
6.    Sensori e strumenti elettronici per la meteorologia
G. Fasano, A. Materassi, P. Zara
Quaderno INAPA n. 8; novembre 1999
7.    Lisimetro elettronico ad alta risoluzione;
F. Benincasa, G. Fasano, A. Materassi
The measurements Network NY Days 2001-2002 European technical symposium on measurements and automation; Roma aprile 2002
8.    Neural Network estimation of crop biomass by ultrasonic measurements
B. Arca, A. Materassi, A. Serri, A. Ventura
Proceeding of the International Conference on Engineering Application of Neural Networks; 16 – 18 luglio 2001
9.    On the reliability of instruments for environmental monitoring: some practical consideration;
P. Battista, M. Catelani, G. Fasano, A. Materassi;
Microelectronics Reliability 42 (7/10/2002) 1393 ÷ 1396
10.    Scavenging of air pollutant during precipitative events at a natural coastal ecosystems;
F. Benincasa, T. Georgiadis, G. Fasano, A. Materassi, R. Nardi, M. Nardino, F. Rossi;
15th Conference on Biometeorology and Aerobiology; 27/10 - 1/11/2002 Kansas City Missouri USA
11.    Dai parametri meteorologici ai modelli per lo sviluppo e la crescita delle colture: acquisizione e validazione dei dati meteorologici
A.Materassi et al.
Quaderno IBIMET n. 12 dicembre 2002 pag. 1 ÷ 56.
12.    Progetto e realizzazione di uno strumento per la misura dell’assorbimento radiativo dell’acqua marina: SUMARAD
G. Fasano, A. Materassi;
Rivista di Ingegneria Agraria n. 4 (2003) - pag. 1 ÷ 7
13.    L’acqua sulla Terra
A.Materassi et al.
Quaderno IBIMET n. 13 novembre 2003 pag. 151 ÷ 201
14.    Camere climatiche per fisiologia vegetale: una nuova concezione progettuale;
A. Materassi, G. Fasano, A. Arca;
Rivista di Ingegneria Agraria n. 4 (2005) - pag. 79 ÷ 87
15.    SITI: Sistema integrato per test di infiammabilità;
F. Benincasa, G. Fasano, A. Materassi;
Italian Journal of Agrometeorology, 24-31 (1) 2007
16.    Realizzazione di una stazione meteorologica didattica
A. Materassi, G. Fasano
NIDays 2009 Forum tecnologico sulla progettazione grafica di sistemi - pag. 190 ÷ 191
17.    Stima della radiazione solare ultravioletta per mezzo di un modello neurale
F. Benincasa, M. De Vincenzi, A. Materassi.
Italian Journal of Agrometeorology 27-34 (3) 2009
18.    Benthic chamber for metabolic measurements of underwater flora: a new realization;
G. Fasano, A. Materassi, F. Benincasa;
III Simposio Il monitoraggi costiero mediterraneo, problematiche e tecniche di misura;Livorno 15 17 giugno 2010
19.    Pollen flow evaluation of crops cultivated in the Migliarino San Rossore Massaciuccoli Regional Park (North Tuscany, Italy);
Bottalico F.; Chelazzi L.; Fallaci M.; Fasano G.; Materassi A.; Mazzanti L.; Paffetti D.; Perfetti A.; Tomaselli V.; Travaglini D.; Vendramin G.G., Vettori C. (2010);
4th Italian Society of Agricultural Genetics Annual Congress (Matera, 27-30/10/2010); ISBN 978-88-904570-0-5.
20.    A Life+ project (DEMETRA) for evaluating the impacts of transgenic crops on natural environments
Tomaselli V, Paffetti D, Travaglini D, Chelazzi L, Biricolti S, Boscaleri F, Bottalico F, Buonamici A, Cimò F, Colombini I, Fasano G, Fiorentini S, Mastroianni O, Materassi A, Perfetti A, Russu R, Vettori C.
106° Congresso Nazionale della Società Botanica Italiana; Genova, 21- 23 settembre 2011
21.    Evaluation of environmental impacts as consequence of hypothetic transgenic poplar plantations in protected areas;
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VIII Congresso Nazionale SISEF - Rende (CS) 4-7 Ottobre 2011