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Ortolani Alberto

E-Mail:  ortolani@lamma.rete.toscana.it
Tel. +39 055 44830 48
Fax. +39 055 444083

Date and place of birth: Florence, 23 December 1969.

1995-Degree in Physics at the University of Florence, Faculty of Physics. Thesis in “X ray spectroscopy of active stellar sources”.
2012-Ph.D. in “Physical Modelling for environmental protection”, at the University of Bologna, Dept. of Earth and Geo-Environmental Sciences. Thesis in “Probabilistic tomography of atmospheric parameters from GNSS data”.

Professional experiences

1996 Scientific consultant at Astronomic Observatory of Palermo (Palermo).
1997-1998 Scientific consultant at SMA SpA (Systems for meteorology and the environment) in Florence.
1998-2002 Scientific consultant at FCS (Foundation for Climate and Sustainability, former FMA) in Florence.
2002-2003 Researcher at CNR-IBIMET (Institute of Biometeorology) in Florence.
2003-2009 Senior Researcher at CNR-IBIMET (Institute of Biometeorology) in Florence.
2009-present Full time Senior Researcher at CNR-IBIMET (Institute of Biometeorology) in Florence.

Research activities

-    Multispectral and probabilistic algorithms for precipitation estimation from satellite observations.
-    Algorithms for the estimation of water vapor and temperature profiles from GNSS signals.
-    Satellite observations for marine applications.

Coordination activities

Coordination of the "Research and Innovation" group of the LaMMA Consortium.
Coordination of national and European research projects.

Selected Publications

1.    Melani, S., M. Pasqui, F. Guarnieri, A. Antonini, A. Ortolani, and V. Levizzani, 2010: Rainfall variability associated with the summer African monsoon: A satellite study. Atmos. Res., 97, 601-618, doi:10.1016/j.atmosres.2010.05.004.
2.    Brandini, C., A. Ortolani, F. Maselli, C. Lapucci, S. Melani, L. Massi, A. Orlandi, S.Taddei, M. Fattorini, B. Gozzini, 2011: North Thyrrhenian Sea Monitoring through a Combined Use of in situ, Satellite Data and Regional Ocean Models. In: Marine Research at CNR. E. Brugnoli, G. Cavarretta, S. Mazzola, F. Trincardi, M. Ravaioli, R. Santoleri Eds., CNR, ISSN 2239-5172, Vol. DTA/06-2011.
3.   Ortolani, A., A. Antonini, G. Giuliani, S. Melani, F. Meneguzzo, G. Messeri, A. Orlandi, and M. Pasqui, 2007: Implementing an operational chain: the Florence LaMMA laboratory. In: Measuring precipitation from space - EURAINSAT and the future. Advances in Global Change Research, Vol. 28, V. Levizzani, P. Bauer, and F. J. Turk, Eds., Kluwer Acad. Publ., 722 p., ISBN: 978-1-4020-5834-9.
4.    Melani, S., A. Orlandi, C. Brandini, A. Ortolani, 2007: Temperatura Superficiale del Mare da dati satellitari. In: Clima e Cambiamenti Climatici - Le attività di ricerca del CNR. B. Carli, G. Cavarretta, M. Colacino, and S. Fuzzi, Eds., CNR, ISBN 978-88-8080-075-0, 333-336.
5.    Melani, S., A. Antonini, A. Ortolani and B. Gozzini 2009: Mediterranean precipitating systems observed  through the METEOSAT-8 Rapid Scan service. EO and Water Cycle Science: Towards a Water Cycle Multi-Mission Observation Strategy, ESA-ESRIN, Frascati, 18-20 Nov., ESA-SP-674, ISBN 978-92-9221-238-4.
6.    Melani, S., G. Messeri, A. Orlandi, F. Piani, A. Ortolani, B. Gozzini, 2010: The role of Sea Surface Temperature in the simulation of two intense convective storms in the Mediterranean basin, Proc. 2010 EUMETSAT Meteorological Satellite Conf., Cordoba, 20-24 September.
7.    Melani, S.,  F. Pasi, B. Gozzini, and A. Ortolani, 2011: A four years (2007-2010) classification of marine mesoscale convective systems in the Mediterranean basin. Proc. 6th European Conference on Severe Storms, 3 - 7 October, Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain.
8.    Soderman D., F. Meneguzzo, B. Gozzini, D. Grifoni, G. Messeri, M. Rossi,
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high performance computer systems in support of hydrological
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