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Rossi Matteo

Researcher at CNR Institute of Biometeorology of Florence (IBIMET-CNR). Meteorologist
and Weather forecaster at LaMMA. (Consortium between Tuscany Region and CNR).
E-mail: m.rossi@ibimet.cnr.it
Tel. +39 055 4483061
Fax +39 055 444083
• Born in Siena on April,12 1967.
• Degree in geological science at the University of Florence.
• Since 1997 is employed at LaMMA (Laboratory for Monitoring and environmental
Modeling, funded by Tuscany Region with funds from European Union). In 2007 the
Consortium LaMMA has been established between Tuscany Region and CNR (National
Research Council).
• Since June 2002 is researcher at IBIMET (CNR Institute of Biometeorology).
• His main activity is weather forecaster. The activity includes weather monitoring for civil
protection with availability 24 hours a day and dissemination through media of weather
• Since 2011 is part of a team that conducts research on UV solar radiation climatology.
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