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Tagliaferri Giacomo

• Born in Borgo San Lorenzo (FI), 07 December 1962.

• 1986: permanent employment at the CNR (National Research Council).

• 1986-1998: collaboration, as a technician in various Italian and international projects

• 1998: degree in forest science with a thesis on the lymph flow within stands of oak woods in Tuscany; vote 106/110.

• 1999: state examination: obtaining authorization to pursue the profession.
• 2000-2012: collaboration, through lectures and consultations, with elementary schools and secondary schools for environmental education and dissemination of science in schools.

• 2005: Design and installation of a tower for measurement of gas exchange within a forest of oaks with Eddy covariance method.

• 2005: Measurement in the Tuscan countryside to study the impacts of climate change on plant surfaces: installation of weather stations and their maintenance.

• 2011: Participation in the project ACARISS (Increasing the knowledge on Environment and related risks with the Experimentation) in collaboration with the Dept. of Psychology, University of Florence and Pisa Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna.

• 2011: implementation of a prototype of a heater / water maker through the "cavitation".

Courses and assignments

• 2011: Participation in the distance course on safety at work: successful

• 2011: Participation in the course of using water vapor isotope analyzer.

• 2010: receipt of appointment as head of the laboratory of the Institute of Biometeorology CNR of Florence location.

• 2008-2009: collaboration and engagement, by command, at the Mountain Community of Mugello for the feasibility study for the use of waste wood for heating and electricity production in the post Kyoto directives to deploy interventions to reduce / Control of emissions of CO2 using woody biomass and activity planning, hydro-geological and exploitation of wood resources, forest fire management activities, in view of a land management and land development.

• 2008: participation, successfully completed a course organized by the Tuscany Region, for the use of PPE (personal protective equipment).

• 2008: participation, successfully completed a course organized by the Tuscany Region, to play the role of Director for fire fighting operations (DO) of forest fires at the learning center "Pinewood Touches" (SI).

• 2009: participation, successfully, to a refresher course for Chief Operating Officer (DO) extinguishing fires at the Learning Center of Tuscany "Pinewood Touches" (SI).

• 2000-2002: head of office of two topics within the Project TRIMM (Protection of Water Resources of the Mountain Mugellana) study-related impacts caused by the construction of high speed rail: 10 thematic "climatological and meteorological conditions in the thirty years 1971 -2000 and High-Mugello in Mugello ", and 40 thematic" Influence of the passage of high speed railway line on the tree line in Mugello. "

• 2001-2002: Project Officer post funded by the Province of Florence "Pruning and ecophysiology of the chestnut tree."

• 2000-2002: in charge of cooperation for the Rural Development Project "Development and testing of models of guidance to promote employment in the Apennines", funded by the Ministry of Labour.


• 2000: Collaboration in the preparation, co-author of "Manual of the chestnut", including data sheets.

• 2005: Production of a movie related to meteorology experiments within the project "Meteorology and Climatology past and future."

• 2003: Publication of the results of the Project TRIMM the Bulletin of the Scientific Community in Australasia.

• 2005: Publication of a guide at Giunti school teachers entitled "The alphabet 'climate history and secrets of meteorology instruments.

• 2007: Publishing, who co-authored the journal Can. J. For. Res 37: 1944-1953 article "Assessment of forest GPP variations in central Italy" on the forest productivity in relation to climate change.

More information

French: basic knowledge of spoken and written
English: basic knowledge.
Computer: good knowledge of the major programs under Windows.

• PS: I declare to be informed, pursuant to which the actual Law 196/3, that the personal data collected will be treated, even with computers only in proceedings to which this declaration is made.

Giacomo  Tagliaferri