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Torrigiani Malaspina Tommaso

Curriculum Vitae
Florence 18/01/1974

Address:       Via de' Serragli, 144, 50124  Florence, Italy
Mobile phone:     +39-329-9622243    


Affiliations: YAF (Young Aerobiological Forum – International Association of Aerobiology)
AIA (Italian Association of Aerobiology)
PAAA (Pan-American Association of Aerobiology)
Italian delegate at the Management Committee of the Cost Action ES0603 EUPOL
2005-2007    University of Florence – Faculty of Agronomy, Department of Agronomy and Management of  Agro-Forestry Landscape. Florence, Italy
PhD in climatology. Thesis: “A Cupressuss sempervirens male flower phenological model: influence of climatic conditions, relationships with pollen production and applications”

1995-2003    University of Florence – Faculty of Agronomy,   Florence, Italy.
Degree   in   “Scienze   Forestali   e   Ambientali”,   grade: 108/110

Work activities

2009-today    Ibimet cnr-Consorzio Lamma
Operative weather forecaster

2007-2009    Associazione Italiana di Aerobiologia
Network secretary: acquisition aerobiological data from Italian aerobiological network, emission of aerobiologica forecast

2006-2009    University of Florence Faculty of Agronomy, Department of Agronomy and Management of  Agro-Forestry Landscape. Florence, Italy
Co-lecturer in ‘Informatics and programming of WEB pages’ within the context of the Informatics lectures held by Prof. Simone Orlandini

Co-lecturer in “bioclimatology and biometeorology” within the context of  the first degree Master course in Applied Meteorology.

May 2004-2009    University of Florence –Interdepartmental Centre of Bioclimatology, Florence, Italy. “MeteoSalute Project” weather forecasting, biometeorology forecasting, pollen forecasting and web programming.

July -October 2003    Centre Tecnologic Forestal de Cataluna – Area di Ecologia Vegetal y Botanica Forestal,  Solsona, Spain.
Scholarship holder in the project ”Pyrenaic pastures integrate management through geographic information system”

Research activities

May 2004-Today    
research activities on Climatology, Meteorology, Biometeorology, Bioclimatology, and above all, the Phenology of allergenic plants  and the Aerobiology of the pollens of these products. About 35 publications, 5 ISI, the following:

Dalla Marta A., Grifoni D., Torrigiani Malaspina T., Cecchi L., Barbano F., Mancini M., Orlandini S. Effect of large-scale atmospheric fields on the cypress pollen season in Tuscany (Central Italy). Aerobiologia (2011) 27: 213-220.
Torrigiani Malaspina T., Cecchi L.,Orlandini S. La modellistica in Aerobiologia: l’esperienza del CIBIC. ARPA Rivista N. 1 gennaio-febbraio 2009 46-47.
Bartolini G., Morabito M., Crisci A., Grifoni D, Torrigiani T., Petralli M., Maracchi G., Orlandini S. Recent trends in Tuscany (Italy) summer temperature and indices of extremes. Int J Climatol  28: 1751-1760 (2008) DOI 10.1002/joc.1673
Torrigiani Malaspina T., Moriondo M, Bindi M, Cecchi L, Orlandini S. A phenological model to evaluate the impact of the expected climate change on Cupressaceae main pollen season in central Italy. Italian Journal of Agrometeorology vol. Speciale fenologia 45 - 51 (3) 2007
Torrigiani Malaspina T., Cecchi L., Morabito M., Onorari M., Domeneghetti M. P., Orlandini S. (2007) Influence of Meteorological  Conditions on Male Flower Phenology of Cupressus Sempervirens and Correlation with Pollen Production in Florence. Trees - Structure and Function 2007; 21(5): 507-514
Cecchi L., Torrigiani Malaspina T., Albertini R., Zanca M, Ridolo E., Usberti I.., Morabito M., Dall’Aglio P., Orlandini S. (2007). The contribution of long distance transport to the presence of Ambrosia pollen in Central-Northern Italy. Aerobiologia 2007; 23:145–151

Referee activities
Referee for the Journals:
•    International Journal of Bioclimatology
•    Italian Journal of Agrometeorology