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Ugolini Francesca

She was born in Massa Marittima (Grosseto) on November 16, 1977


  • She graduated with honour in 2003 in Forestry and Environmental Sciences at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Florence. The project for the final thesis concerned the interaction between trees and urban environment: microclimate and ecophysiological aspects.
  • She got the PhD at the Scuola Ubaldo di Montelatici of the University of Florence (XXI cycle), investigating the physiological and morphological effects of deficit irrigation at nursery stage on two ornamental species.
  • In 2004-05 attended the Professional Master in Geomatics and Natural Resources Evaluation at Istituto Agronomico per l’Oltremare, Min. Affari Esteri, Firenze.


Work experience

Since 2008 she is research fellow at IBIMET CNR. She has been working on scientific research projects about the physiological responses of vegetal species to environmental variables es. in alpine grassands (Carbomont and Greengrass - at CEH, Edinburgh, 2004-, Carboeurope and CaboItaly (at FCS and IBIMETCNR, 2007-2010); under deficit irrigation treatment especially for pot productions of ornamental nursing (2010-2013); grown in substrates formed by phytoremediated river sediments (2013-2016, CLEANSED, Innovative integrated method for the use of phytoremediated sediments in plant nursing and road building, Life+) or under biotic variables (es. effects of Chinese wasp on plant physiology and vigour of chestnut tree in coppice. She has been involved and she involves in other researches concerning extreme environments for high CO2 level or geotourism.

She had international specialization experiences in different foreign research institutions: Department of Bona Terra, Ben Gurion University (25/10-10/11-2013, Israel); Manchester University, Faculty of Life Sciences (November 2011, UK); Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Edinburgh, UK (4-10/2004); CAREX Field Trip on Extreme Environments (Hveragerdi,Iceland, July 2010).

She is also project manager in national and international science education projects on Inquiry Based Learning, e.g. Carboschools (2007-2010, 7FP), Teacher Scientist Partnership (2007-2010, Leonardo da Vinci, Comenius); Acariss (2011-2013, Accrescere le conoscenze sui rischi ambientali connessi all’inquinamento, PAR-FAS, Regione Toscana), MISStoHIT (2015-2017, From misconceptions to learning insights through inquiry with playful physical objects, Erasmus+), and environmental education projects, with nature protection volunteering and innovative technologies, e.g. INVOLEN (2012-2015, Intergenerational Learning for Nature Conservation Volunteers, LLP Gruntvig), RAISE (2015-2017, Raising Environmental Awareness in Young People, Erasmus+).

In the frame of the projects, she has organized events and conferences at national and international level.

She has also been working on surveys through questionnaires analysis e.g. about the e-learning potentialities in rural areas in the frame of the E-ruralnet project (2008-2011, LLP-Transversal Projects), the collaboration and knowledge transfer between stakeholders in urban green infrastructure (2014-2015) and on the geotourism potential perception in tourists of Terme San Giovanni spa (2015).

Selected publications:

Ugolini F., Chrobak A., Pearlmutter D., Raschi A. (2015). Appreciation and awareness:can tourists be considered geotourists? An investigation in Rapolano Terme (Tuscany). VOLCANDPARK2 Abstracts book. 2nd VOLCANDPARK CONFERENCE, Casa de Los Volcanes, Lanzarote. Canary Islands, Spain. 16-20 November 2015.

Ugolini F., Chrobak A., Pearlmutter D., Raschi A. (2015). Examining the tourism value of geological landscape features: the case of Terme San Giovanni in the Siena clay lands of Tuscany. Book of abstracts of the International Conference on Geotourism, Mining Tourism, Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection GEOTOUR2015. Podsbanke (Slovacchia) 14-18/10/2015. ISNB: 978-80-553-2228-5.

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Ugolini F., Tognetti R., Raschi A., Bacci L. (2013). Quercus ilex L. as bioaccumulator for heavy metals in urban areas. Effectiveness of leaf washing with distilled water and considerations on the trees distance from traffic. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening 12, 576-584. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ufug.2013.05.007.

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Selected publications on didactic

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