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Zaldei Alessandro

Technical engineer in Industrial Electronics in 1990

Degree in industrial robotics and automation at University of Florence, Faculty of Engineering, in 1993.
Fellowship  at Georgofili Academy in Florence (1993).
Specialized in design and development of devices and sensors for environmental monitoring, weather staions and micrometeorological investigation.
Involved in scientific research projects of CNR and  University.
Winner of a public selection in 2000 for Technical engineer at Institute of Biometeorology of CNR.
Since 2000 he is involved in national and international research projects, increasingly specializing in environmental monitoring techniques and collaborating with various foreign Universities (Illinois University, London University, National Phisycal Laboratory in New Dely, Australian Hobart University, Fort Collins University, USA, etc..). He is involved in the development and operational management of the aircraft SKY-ARROW ERA (Environmental Research Aircraft), and (in 2009) he created the Urban Climate Laboratory at Historical Observatory in Florence “Osservatorio Ximeniano”, specialized in techniques for the study of climate and urban metabolism.
Specialized in development and management of FACE facility (Free Air CO2 Experiment) since 1998. Manager of several experimental sites in Italy, Europe, USA and Australia.
• Responsible for the "Urban Climate Laboratory";
• Responsible for managing large systems of the aircraft SKY-ARROW 650 TCN ERA (Environmental Research Aircraft) and all the equipment installed there;
• Responsible for the operational management of the Ibimet CNR weather stations network;
• Head of the Biomass Experimental Boiler to study performance of combustion for the thermal efficiency of plant biomass;
• Responsible of experimental field for studying the influence of climate change on Mediterranean ecosystems at Allumiere MIND (Roma);
• Responsible for financial management of European projects AGER, NitroEurope, BRIDGE, CarboAfrica, CARBOEXTREME, IMECC, OOMPH, and national projects AGENA, CARBOITALY, PRIN, BIOMASS;
• Responsible for the development and implementation of FACE technology (Free Air CO2 Enrichment) and its application in national and international projects (USA, Australia, India, UK, France)
• Responsible for fleet management and mobile laboratories of Ibimet.


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