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Zanchi Bernardo

Researcher, National Research Council – Institute of Biometeorology, Florence, Italy

E-mail: zanchi@lamma.rete.toscana.it
Tel: +39 055 4483042
Fax: +39 055 444083

Date of Birth: 15 May 1970       Place of birth:  Florence, Italy      Nationality: Italian

Languages:  Italian (mother tongue), English (very good), French (good)


Master’s degree in Forestry and Environmental Sciences, University of Florence, Faculty of Agriculture, 2000. Thesis: “Variability in the bending modulus of elasticityfor sawn poplar wood determined using dynamic and static testing methods”

Work experience

July 2001 – July 2002. Fellowship, National Research Council (CNR) – Institute of Environmental Analysis and Remote Sensing for Agriculture, Florence, Italy.Carried out reseach on the evaluation and modelling of the optical properties of forest vegetation.

July 2002 – February 2009. Researcher, fixed-term, CNR – Instituteof Biometeorlogy (IBIMET), Florence, Italy. Responsibilities included: land use mapping of areas of the province of Tuscany and related databases; documentation of the art of land use in Tuscany and related databases; testing and verification of geological maps on the relevant databases; georeferencing of the cultural heritage of Tuscany; development of precedures for the realization of land use and forest maps; georeferencing of satellite images for geographic information systems (GIS) applications, in the context of the Environmental Modelling and Monitoring Laboratory for Sustainable Develoment (LaMMA) project. In addition, participated in European Union projects related to fire management; the availability and management of water resources; and renewable energy.

February 2009 – present. Full-time Researcher (level III), CNR – IBIMET, Florence, Italy. Responsible for creating databases on land use in Tuscany; developing procedures for the realization of land use maps; georeferencing of satellite images for GIS applications in the context of the LaMMA project; coordinating and testing products as part of the National Geological Cartography Project for the sheets assigned to Tuscany; and coordinating activities for the creation of an atlas of biostratigraphic data realized jointly by the Universities of Florence, Siena and Pisa, and by CNR – Geoscience and Earth Resources Institute.


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