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Vignaroli Patrizio

E-Mail: p.vignaroli@ibimet.cnr.it

Tel +39 055 3033711

Fax +39 055 308910

Mobile: +39 335 6861786

• Born in Perugia, May 18, 1957.
• Degree in Agricultural Science in 1981 at the University of Study of Perugia.
• Researcher at the Institute of Biometeorology of CNR since November 2010.
• Twenty years experience in the field of cooperation and implementation of research and cooperation projects in developing Countries in the field of agrometeorology  applied to food security,  monitoring and management of natural resources, crop modeling, assessment of the impacts of climate change on agricultural production systems, formulating and evaluating of programs and cooperation projects.
• Since 1993 he collaborates with CNR IBIMET (Former IATA) to conduct scientific and technical cooperation activities in developing Countries, with particular reference to Sub-Saharan Africa and the Mediterranean Basin.
• From 1995 to 2003 he is senior international consultant for the World Meteorological Organization (WMO / UN), for implementing of programs and projects in the field of the agrometeorology applied to food security.
• From 1995 to 1998 he ensures the role of team leader of the project "Early Warning and Agricultural  Production Forecast (AP3A) at the AGRHYMET Regional Center based in Niamey (Niger). The project, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate General for the Cooperation and Development and executed by the WMO / UN under the scientific supervision of IBIMET, aims to strengthen capacities for the identification and characterization of food insecure and vulnerable areas  in the countries of CILSS (Comité permanent Inter-état de Lutte contre la Sécheresse dans le Sahel).
• From 1998 to 2007, he participates as senior consultant both in the second phase of the AP3A project and in SVS Project "Suivi de la Vulnérabilité au Sahel", funded by the MAE / DGDC, with the objective to develop and transfer methodologies and tools at national and regional institutions for characterizing of vulnerabilities in order to contribute in the prevention and management of food crises in the CILSS Countries.
• Since 2003 he takes part in numerous research and cooperation projects in the field of applied meteorology and agrometeorology to combat desertification and to assess the impacts of climate change (AMMA - African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analysis, 2005-2009), for improving of water resources management and agricultural productivity in developing Countries (Resource Sahel, 2003-2005) and for food security monitoring (GMFS - Global monitoring for Food Security 2005-2008, PITDD – Haiti, 2008-on going).
• From 2009 to 2011 he is the project manager of the “CPSZ2 - Crop Production System Zones of the IGADD Region” founded by JRC / EC in order to update the geographic database on production systems zones in Horn of Africa countries.
• He coordinated and supervised the development of software for managing databases on food security (SGBD),  monitoring of agro-pastoral campaign for early warning activities through the use of satellite images (Suivi de la végétation et des Pluies au Sahel - ZAR - Modèle d'identification des Zones à Risque) and for detecting and characterizing food vulnerable areas (PRVS).
• He is responsible for the training of the technical personnel of the Agricultural Development Services in Sub-Saharan countries and he participates in the activities carried out by IBIMET as WMO/UN Regional Meteorological Training Center.
• Author of scientific articles and monographs in the field of food security, crisis prevention and  management, monitoring of agro-pastoral campaign and natural resources , crop modeling, impacts evaluation of climate change on agricultural production systems of the semi-arid regions.

List of selected publications

1)     Kayitakire F.; Leo O.; Vignaroli P.; BaccI M.; Tarchiani V. (2010)
Mapping of the Crop Production System Zones of the IGAD Region; Proceedings of the 8th AARSE Conference: Earth Observation for Africa's Development Agenda, African Association of Remote Sensing of the Environment.

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