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Toscano Piero

Dati personali

Data di nascita 11 Luglio 1980

Cittadinanza Italiana

Stato civile Celibe



2005 Laureato presso l’Università di Napoli Parthenope (Italia), Laurea Magistrale in Scienze e Tecnologie (Oceanografia e Meteorologia), 105/110. Titolo della tesi di laurea: “Modellistic Study of Western Boundary Currents variability”.

2006 Master in Meteorologia Applicata, Università di Firenze (Italia). Titolo della tesi: “Aerial remote sensing: capability and applications in agro-forestal ecosystem”.

Dal 2010 PhD student presso l’Università di Udine (Italia)



Ricercatore III Livello – Consiglio nazionale delle ricerche – Istituto di Biometeorologia (CNR-IBIMET) Via Caproni, 8 50145 Firenze, Italia
Tel:+39 3204258516
Email: p.toscano@ibimet.cnr.it

web: http://www.ibimet.cnr.it/


Partecipazione progetti internazionali e nazionali


Partecipante IAMC CNR, Italy (2005) : campagna oceanografica di swath bathymetry, geological and oceanographical survey nell’Oceano Atlantico

Partecipante CarboItaly MIUR Project (2006-2008) : Aircraft observations of CO2 fluxes

Partecipante CarboEurope UE (2006-2008) : Aircraft observations of CO2 fluxes

Partecipante Pianosa LAB (2006-2009) : Tower measurements of CO2 fluxes

Partecipante OOMPH UE (2006-2009) : Campagna oceanografica per la misura di flussi all’interfaccia aria-mare di Carbon dioxide and acetone nell’oceano Atlantico meridionale.

Partecipante ESA CEFLES – Flex Experiment  UE (2007-2009) : Aircraft observations to quantify photosynthetic efficiency by measuring sun-induced fluorescence in the oxygen absorption bands

Partecipante Consorzio Tuscania (2007-2009) : Aircraft remote sensing (multispectral and thermal sensor)

Partecipante IMEC (2008-2009) : Tower measurements of CO2 fluxes

Partecipante Agena - Barilla (2008-2010) : Weather Forecast, Wheat Production Forecast using weather station data and satellite data as input for Delphi Model.

Partecipante BLLAST (2008 - 2011) : Boundary Layer Late Afternoon and Sunset Turbulence, Field experimental campaign

Partecipante CarboAfrica UE Project (2008-2010) : Aircraft observations of CO2 fluxes

Partecipante MODMAP-AFLA (2009-2011) : Modelling, predicting and mapping the emergence of aflatoxins in cereals in the EU due to climate change (EFSA project)

Partecipante BRIDGE (2009-2011) - sustainaBle uRban plannIng Decision support accountinG for urban mEtabolism : GIS data and maps on spatial, socio-economic development and impact indicators, maps of energy and water fluxes, pollution concentrations, land cover and vegetation

Partecipante SDSU - CARVE (2011) : Aircraft fluxes observations

Responsabile scientifico DELPHI2 (2011 – present) : Weather Forecast, Wheat Production Forecast using weather station data and satellite data as input for Delphi Model.

Partecipante Durum-FACE (2011 – present) : remote sensing


Dal 2006 al 2009 assegnista di ricerca presso IBIMET CNR, Italia : Management of meteorological instrumentations, data aquisition, analisys and data processing, Eumetcast server and data processing.

Oltre 40 partecipazioni a conferenze, seminari, workshop e pubblicazioni su  testi nazionali ed internazionali

Pubblicazioni ISI selezionate

1.    Matese, A., Alberti,G., Gioli, B., Toscano,P., Vaccari, F.P., Zaldei A., 2008: Compact_Eddy: A compact, low consumption remotely controlled eddy covariance logging system, Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, Volume 64, Issue 2, Pages 343-346

2.    Taddei, S., Toscano, P., Gioli, B., Matese, A., Miglietta, F., Vaccari, F.P., Zaldei, A., Custer, T., Williams, J., 2009: Carbon dioxide and acetone air-sea fluxes over the southern Atlantic, Environmental Science & Technology, 43 (14), Pages 5218–5222

3.    Fleischer, P., Giorgi, S., Gioli, B.,  Matese, A., Kolle, O., Ziegler, W., Miglietta, F., Valentini, R.,  Schulze, E. D., Toscano, P., Vaccari, F.P., 2009 : Carbon balance in Spruce ecosystems affected by heavy windstorm in the Tatra Mts Sustainable development and bioclimate, Reviewed Conference Proceedings, Pages 75-76

4.    Rascher, U., Agati, G., Alonso, L., Cecchi, G., Champagne, S., Colombo,  R., Damm, A., Daumard, F., de Miguel, E., Fernandez, G., Franch, B., Franke, J., Gerbig, C., Gioli, B., Gómez, J.A., Goulas, Y., Guanter, L., Gutiérrez-De-La-Cámara, O., Hamdi, K., Hostert, P., Jiménez, M., Kosvancova, M., Lognoli, D., Meroni, M., Miglietta, F., Moersch, A., Moreno, J., Moya, I., Neininger, B., Okujeni, A., Ounis, A., Palombi, L., Raimondi, V., Schickling, A., Sobrino, J.A., Stellmes, M., Toci, G., Toscano, P., Udelhoven, T., van der Linden, S., Zaldei A., 2009: CEFLES2: The remote sensing component to quantify photosynthetic efficiency from the leaf to the region by measuring sun-induced fluorescence in the oxygen absorption bands, Biogeosciences, Volume 6, Issue 7, Pages 1181-1198

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6.    Gioli, B., Toscano, P., Lugato, E., Matese, A., Miglietta, F., Zaldei, A., Vaccari, F.P., 2012: Methane and carbon dioxide fluxes and source partitioning in urban areas: The case study of Florence, Italy, Environmental pollution, 164, Pages 125-131

7.    Vaccari, F.P., Lugato, E., Gioli, B., D'Acqui, L., Genesio, L., Toscano, P., Matese, A., Miglietta F., 2012: Land use change and soil organic carbon dynamics in Mediterranean agro-ecosystems: The case study of Pianosa Island, Geoderma, 175–176, Pages 29-36

8.    Toscano, P., Ranieri, R., Matese, A., Vaccari, F.P., Gioli, B., Zaldei, A., Silvestri, M., Ronchi, C., La Cava, P., Porter, J.R., Miglietta, F., 2012: Durum wheat modeling: The Delphi system, 11 years of observations in Italy, European Journal of Agronomy, Pages 108-118

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10.    Brilli, L., Chiesi, M., Maselli, F., Moriondo, M., Gioli, B., Toscano, P., Zaldei, A., Bindi, M., 2013: Simulation of olive grove gross primary production by the combination of ground and multi-sensor satellite data, International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, Pages 29-36

11.    Vaccari, F.P., Gioli, B., Toscano, P., Perrone, C., 2013: Carbon dioxide balance assessment of the city of Florence (Italy), and implications for urban planning, Landscape and Urban Planning, Pages 138-146

12.    Gioli, B., Toscano, P., Zaldei, A., Fratini, G., Miglietta, F., 2013: CO2, CH4 and Particles Flux Measurements in Florence, Italy, Energy Procedia, Pages 537-544

Referee di riviste internazionali ISI: Science of the Total Environment, Scientific Research and Essays

Conoscenze informatiche

Office Automation: Microsoft Office Package

Programming language: Basic, Visual Fortran, C

Numerical computing environment and programming language: Matlab, Maple

Unix / Linux operating System

Golden Software : Surfer, Grapher

Graphic Software : Photoshop,Corel

CAD Software : AutoCAD, GAMBIT

Software for 2D free-surface : MIKE 21, GENESIS

Software for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) : FLUENT

Software GIS : ArcView-Gis

Software for processing and analyzing geospatial data : ENVI

Software for satellite data : Eumtesat Package (AVHRR manager, BUFR viewer, CMA viewer, DWDsat HRTP viewer, GeoSatSignal, GRIB viewer, HDF viewer, HRTP reader, HRTP samples, Metop LSA viewer, MSG data Manager, SatSignal, Sea-ICE & SST viewer), SeaWiFS Data Analysis System (SeaDAS)

Ocean engineering software and data processing : Ctd Data Acquisition Software (SeaSoft), ODV – (Ocean Data View), PDS 2000, Swan-Pro

Dispersion Model : BLS (backward Lagrangian stochastic) , FS (forward stochastic)

LoggerNet Package : Campbell Scientific data acquisition and control products



Italiano Madrelingua

Inglese Esperto, Esperienza in progetti internazionali, conferenze e stesura di documenti. Numerose attività lavorative svolte presso paesi Anglosassoni.

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